International Tournament 2018

25 years anniversary tournament
TTV Fam. Janssens Retie.
International tournament 11 – 12 – 13 may 2018, Retie - Belgium.

Dear tug of war fan,
In 2018 TTV Fam. Janssens from Retie celebrates its 25th anniversary. As with the previous anniversary in 2013 we will brighten this event by organising an international tournament in Retie, Belgium (Sportspark ’t Vossekot, Geenend 9, 2470 Retie).
Three days of international TOW at the highest level during the ascension weekend on 11 - 12- 13 may with 9 different weight classes.
We will offer accommodation in holiday resort “De Linde”. This holiday resort is located at 300 meters of the competition area. In 2013 many teams had a comfortable and pleasant stay there. It will also be the accommodation for GENSB tournament for 2017.
Prices for booking the accommodation can be found later in the brochure.
We hope to welcome you at our event.
Kind regards,
TouwTrekVereniging Fam. Janssens Retie.
Groenstraat 5                                                                      
2470 Retie                                                    
Tel: 0032468244734


International tournament 25 years Fam. Janssens: 11 – 12 – 13 may 2018.


Below a tentative program.
All weighing will be on individual basis.
There will be several possibilities for weighing during the course of the tournament.
•Thursday : weighing in the evening.
•Every competition day in the morning.
Thurday 10 may 2018.
Arrival of the teams.
Assignment of the rooms.
Possibility for individual weighing in the evening.
18h30 – 20h00 : Dinner.
Friday 11 may 2018.
Possibility for individual weighing and/or subscription of the teams in the morning.
08h00 – 10h00 : Breakfast
10h30 : Ladies -520Kg.
14h00 : Men -600Kg.
17h30 – 19h00 : Dinner.
19h00 : Mixed -600Kg.
Saturday 12 may 2018.
Possibility for individual weighing and/or subscription of the teams in the morning.
08h00 – 10h00 : Breakfast.
10h30 : Men -720Kg.
11h00 : Ladies -560Kg.
14h00 : Men -640Kg.
18h30 – 20h00 : Dinner.
20h00 : Get-together and drinking some beers

Sunday 13 may 2018.
Possibility for individual weighing and/or subscription of the teams in the morning.
08h00 – 10h00 : Breakfast.
10h30 : Mixed -560Kg.
11h00 : GENSB -560Kg.
14h00 : Men -680Kg.
18h30 – 20h00 : Dinner.
20h00 : Closing Party
Monday 14 may 2018.
08h00 – 10h00 : Breakfast.
Departure and safe journey home.
Contact details.
TouwTrekVereniging Fam. Janssens Retie.
Groenstraat 5
2470 Retie
Tel: 0032468244734
Location, how to get there
Retie is a small town of about 10,000 inhabitants in the province of Antwerp, in the north of Belgium, close to the Dutch border. Information can be found at
Holiday centre “De Linde” is near the village centre. Retie is a nice location in the area known as ‘The Kempen’. The villagers are proud of the rectory in Flemish Renaissance, the age-old linden tree on the market square, the 19th century castle, the windmill and the watermill. There’s quite a lot of green area around and some nice cafés in the village centre.
By car
Via Antwerp: take the E34 to Eindhoven, exit 25 to Retie, after 3.6 km roundabout, to the right ‘Pijlstraat’, cross ‘Kasteelstraat’ and continue for 100 m, turn right ‘St Pieterstraat’. After 400 m on your left there’s Sports Park Vossekot. (Watch the signs!)
Via Eindhoven: take the E34 to Antwerp, exit 26 to Retie, after 3.6 km traffic lights on market square, straight on ‘Kasteelstraat’, after 1.1 km go left ‘St Paulusstraat’, after 100 m right ‘St Pieterstraat’. After 400 m on your left there’s Sports Park Vossekot. (Watch the signs!)
Via Breda: A16 Antwerp, exit 1 to Meer, follow Meer, Minderhout to centre of Hoogstraten, 100 m before church go left to Merksplas, continue via Wortel and Merksplas, In Merksplas centre take three quarters of the roundabout, to Turnhout, after 4.1 km go right, Turnhout ring road, 2nd traffic lights go right to Gierle, just past the bridge take E34 to Eindhoven, take exit 25 to Retie, after 3.6 km roundabout to the right ‘Pijlstraat’, cross next street ‘Kasteelstraat’, after 100 m turn right ‘St Pieterstraat’. After 400 m you’ll find Sports Park Vossekot on your left. (Follow the signs!)
Via Liège/Luik/Lüttich: E313 to Antwerp, exit 24 to Geel, in Geel follow N118 to Retie, on entering the village turn left (Kasterlee/Turnhout), after 300 m left ‘St Pieterstraat’.
After 400 m you’ll find Sports Park Vossekot on your left. (Follow the signs!)

By plane.
An overview of the nearest airports:
Eindhoven: Eindhoven Airport is rather small but at close range from Retie (40 km)
Antwerp: This Belgian airport is at 60 km from Retie and has a limited number of destinations.
Brussels:  Belgium’s largest airport, at 100 km from Retie. Brussels is easy within reach from most European airports.
Amsterdam: One of the largest airports in the world, at 180 km from Retie.
Charleroi: Probably the cheapest way to reach Belgium by air. Low budget companies like RyanAir and Wizzair fly on Charleroi (Brussels South). This airport is at 160 km from Retie.

Transfer from airport
If necessary Fam. Janssens can organise your transfer from the airport to the competition area in Retie. At our website
Across the Channel
Teams from Great Britain and Ireland will have to cross the Channel. If not by plane the options are ferries or Eurotunnel. Calais Port is at 3 hours drive from Retie, Ostend Port to Retie will take 2 hours.
Accommodation and costs
Fam. Janssens will offer hotel rooms in holiday centre “De linde”.  Rooms will be occupied by 4 or 5 persons.
Breakfast and dinner will be served in holiday centre “De Linde”.
Those who were present at our 2013 tournament will remember the pleasant stay at holiday centre “De Linde”. Also for the 2018 tournament we reserved a number of rooms. Meals will also be served at the same location, at a distance of only 300m from the competition area.
More information about holiday centre “De Linde” can be obtained at, the address is Kasteelstraat 67, 2470 Retie.

Prices rooms including breakfast and dinner
4 nights, 4 breakfasts, 4 evening meals 230,00 euros
3 nights, 3 breakfasts, 3 evening meals 195,00 euros
2 nights, 2 breakfasts, 2 evening meals 140,00 euros
1 night, 1 breakfast, 1 evening meal 75,00 euros
1 night, 1 breakfast 65,00 euros

Breakfast will be served between 8h00 and 10h00, dinner will be served at holiday centre “De Linde” between 18h30 and 20h00 except for Friday evening.
TouwTrekVereniging Fam. Janssens Retie
Groenstraat 5
2470 Retie
Tel: 0032468244734        

Referees and Jury
TOW association Fam. Janssens Retie is looking for well-motivated referees who want to help promote tug-of-war at our international tournament.
We offer free accommodations and meals. At our website you can indicate the periods during which you are willing to assist at our competitions.
Bring your own referees!
If your club has referees within its number of members, please inform them of the possibility to take part in our tournament in 2018. International experience is not compulsory!
All referees and jury members involved are expected at a meeting, at 20h00 in the evening before every competition day, in order to prepare and evaluate.
Weighing will be on individual basis. Weighing takes place on Thursday evening and every morning before the competition starts.
Morning program starts at 10h30, afternoon competition at 14h00. The only evening competition, Mix600kg, starts at 19h00.
All facilities for jury and referees will be taken care of, drinks and lunch are included.
Breakfast and Dinner
Breakfast will be served between 8h00 and 10h00 every day at the accommodation where you will stay. Referees who assist at weighing sessions in the morning can have breakfast before weighing begins. Dinner takes place between 18h30 and 20h00 in holiday centre “De Linde”.
Subscription forms
All subscription forms can be filled out online at Any questions? Mail to or contact our address. The subscription forms will be available at our website from September 2017.
A-form: subscription of teams
To be filled out with the competition categories you wish to take part in. Even if you are unsure in which categories you will compete we want to explicitly ask you to make your entrance known to us. You’ll get a page on our website. By informing us of your entrance you make the tournament more attractive to other teams.
Deadline: 1 April 2018, but really as soon as possible!

B-form: accommodation registration
With this form we take care of your stay. If referees are travelling with your club, please take care that they fill out the D-form.
Deadline: please arrange your accommodation as soon as possible, even if you are unsure about the exact numbers of participants: give us an approximate number so that we have an idea at least of the necessary beds.
Keep in mind that there are a limited number of rooms available. Rooms will be assigned based on booking date and priority will be given to teams booking for the complete period but only until 1 april 2018.
When all rooms are fully booked we will place people in dormitories
Accommodation possibilities are limited, so please, act quickly!
Payments are due one week after date on invoice, you get a payment form as a confirmation of your entry and booking. All payments have to be done in euros.
Account details will be found on the invoice.
C-form: public relations
Fam. Janssens has good contacts with press and public and wants to keep it that way. By means of this form we can take care of your and our public relations, so make sure you provide us with the information necessary.
Deadline: as soon as possible, even if you have no clue about exact numbers of teams and participants!
D-form: referees
Participating referees and jury members have free accommodation during  the tournament; make sure this form is filled out properly and we take care of everything.
Deadline: the sooner you send this form in, the better; ultimately at 1 March 2018 we want to have referee and jury team complete.
For all information and forms you can visit our website You can find an up-to-date list of the registered teams. After the tournament, you will find pictures and results.
Competition area.
Our goal is for our visitors to have a pleasant stay in Retie. We will therefore provide food and beverages at the competition area for a very reasonable price.
Every participant will receive a present so please provide the correct number of participants as soon as possible.